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Product Development for IoT and M2M Communication
TiWiConnect IoT Platform
by Product Development for IoT and M2M Communication
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TiWi-C-W Development Kit Introduction Video
The TiWi-C-W™ Dev Kit Is Here
Meet your Cloud Connector.
The TiWi-C-W Dev Kit demonstrates how LSR is changing the paradigm for developing connected devices. We want to help you add wireless connectivity to your products, assist you in creating mobile and web apps and enable you to simply manage your connections and data all in the cloud. This Dev Kit will showcase all three elements of the TiWiConnect™ IoT Platform solution: Embedded wireless modules, flexible cloud platform and mobile/web apps.
TiWi-C-W development kit featuring TiWiConnect TiWi-C-W development kit featuring TiWiConnectthumbnail
TiWi-C-W module board TiWi-C-W module board thumbnail
The TiWiConnect™ IoT Platform
Cloud Connectivity
The TiWiConnect cloud connectivity platform is the first true end-to-end IoT solution for wirelessly connecting products to the cloud. This IoT platform connects your products to smart phone apps and web portals via the cloud, re-defining the product experience for both your customers and service professionals alike.

TiWiConnect simplifies your product development efforts by providing all 3 components of a comprehensive solution, all built from the ground up to connect seamlessly: Embedded wireless modules, cloud platform, and apps.

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Walk through documentation and on-line tools to create your account and access core features of the TiWiConnect platform.
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Advanced tutorials and reference materials for engineers looking to support their own device type or run their own LIFT Server.
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