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TiWiConnect Advanced Guide
The following documentation serves as a reference for software developers on more advanced TiWiConnect topics.
TiWiConnect Concepts

TiWiConnect provides software components across several platforms to link devices to their users through cloud connectivity. The TiWiConnect LIFT components focus on device-to-cloud integration. The diagram below highlights the key software components and how they interact across devices, cloud services and apps.

LIFT Server

If you would like to connect TiWiConnect embedded devices to your own server rather than LSR TiWiConnect cloud services, the LIFT Server gives you a good place to start. Source code is provided in a variety of languages (see below).

Additional Documentation
LIFT Client - TiWi-C-W Wi-Fi Module

This section provides guides for developing with the TiWi-C-W module using a Host MCU to communicate via serial port.

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